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BSV Raises Brooklyn By Bricking Up


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Lords Of BSV

Release Date: August 1, 2016
       8.9 Om IMDB

Year    :   2016

Directed By    :   Maria Soccor

Genre    :   Documentary Feature

Time    :   79 min. / 1:19


In Bed Stuy, Brooklyn - a natural 'pressure cooker' for emerging talent, George Adams creates a new dance form called, Brukup, whom a group of young men and women follow like a religion. This dance form revived by BSV members Blackie and Poba, has evolved as dancers use the foundation of the Brukup movement to enhance their free form and mutation style of dance.

Desperately trying to escape the street life, Brukup is the one thing that keeps them all together and saves them from the tough urban streets of the 'Stuy'. Keeping kids off the streets by showing them how to turn anger into the art of dance, they are a family. They are: The Lords of BSV

Testimonials for Lords of BSV:

Lords of BSV is an example of the finest in documentary filmmaking today. It is a perfect marriage of in-depth content with a unique approach to form.  Maria Soccor followed her heart to create a unique vision of a unique art form while simultaneously developing a strong underlying theme of dance and art as a way out for inner city youth.  Soccor's documentary is a definitive refutation to the stereotype of the inner city youth as violent and uncaring; these young artists are focused, involved, and determined to make a difference.  Lords of BSV is extremely visual and engaging, impeccably researched and presented, and inspiring to the audience."


Tom Neff, Founder of the Documentary Channel, acclaimed Emmy Award winner and Academy Award nominated director/producer

"No film compares to that in which first-time, groundbreaking director Maria Soccor reinvents film by standing with the Lords of Bed Stuy, New York, and pointing the lens at life. Affirming that truth is more raw and magical than fiction, BSV's Brukup dancers delight the eye and capture the mind with wit, will and charm. Soccor gives, gets much respect; this beautifully-produced and directed documentary is an instant classic."

-Journalist Kim Jarrett from

Sandy Kenyon, One of the world’s most esteemed movie critics and 30 year veteran of WABC-TV Eyewitness News, applauds the powerful message of Lords of BSV. He says, “These performers are dedicated to making their community a better place by sharing what they know with the youngsters of Bed-Stuy.” Referring to their Brukup dance, he adds, “The style made its way to Brooklyn in the 1990s, and now the veterans have revived it to keep kids away from gangs and heal their own pain.”

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